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Colouring In Sessions


Have great fun with Colouring In Sessions!


Why not consider purchasing bulk copies and running a colouring in session at your childcare centre or school? Or as an activity at your next birthday party or play date, or for general art groups

Suitable For Children and adults.


We have had many stalls at festivals and childcare centres -  where children and adults loved colouring in these artworks and purchased these books


By buying our colouring books you will support the worthy cause of Mixed Nuts Media Inc. a not-for-profit community organisation.


Sue E. Armstrong would be pleased to assist and talk to the participants about how Art can inspire imagination and learning


Copies of this book are available through the website.

History Summary 


Sue E. Armstrong's Amazingly Absorbing Colouring Book has a rich history and diverse inspirations:


  1. Childhood Memories at Inner City Childcare Centre: The journey began at a childcare centre fete, where children enthusiastically coloured Sue E. Armstrong's designs, adding their unique touch with thick and thin outlines.

  2. Teacher's Approval: A school art teacher recognized the creativity these designs inspired and gladly incorporated them into art classes, emphasizing their value beyond mere colouring.

  3. Influence of Mr. Squiggle: Sue drew inspiration from the beloved Australian children's TV series, where Mr. Squiggle turned squiggles into recognizable drawings with his pencil nose, sparking creativity in viewers.

  4. Pat's Influence: A friend's childhood experience of having his squiggle used by Mr. Squiggle highlights the power of encouragement, leading him to become a prominent mural artist.

  5. Cartoon Influence: Sue drew inspiration from non-violent cartoons, particularly those influenced by Pop Art and popular culture, such as The Beatles' Yellow Submarine and Terry Gilliam's work.

  6. Artistic Process: Sue's creative process involved capturing shapes from moving images onto paper, resulting in designs that reflect diverse cultural influences and tap into Carl Jung's concept of the collective unconscious.

  7. Exploring Art Categories: Sue's work touches upon various art categories, including Primitive Art, Naïve Art, Outsider Art, and Art Brut, each with its own unique characteristics and origins.

  8. Advice from Sister Debbie: Encouraged by her sister Debbie, a fine artist, Sue pursued classical fine art training and studied Printmaking at the Victorian College of the Arts, broadening her artistic repertoire.

  9. Continued Exploration: Despite formal training, Sue remains open to exploring diverse art forms, demonstrating that fine art education enhances rather than limits artistic expression.

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