About MNM

In 2011 Penguin Artists (Sue Armstrong and Peter Lane) in joint partnership with Doutta Galla Community (Mental) Health (now Co Health) and Open Channel (a community video production and registered training organisation) delivered a Certificate III in Media for students with psychiatric disabilities.

Two videos resulted.

• Documentary on media and mental illness and
• A horror/ comedy called Medication Time

As pathway from that project Penguin Artists were commissioned to establish a community video training and production organisation by and for people psychiatric disabilities.

Mixed Nuts Media Inc was the result.



We Incorporated in 2012.

All members of our management committee are people with psychiatric disabilities; most are skilled in governance issues. The rest of the committee are afforded opportunities to learn about governance issues for a not for profit organisation, though we do utilize the skills of people who are non- psychiatrically disabled.

So from our humble beginnings we have conducted a number of video productions since and are more than happy to produce your video, so if you have any questions or queries, then please don't hesitate to contact us at mixed.nuts.media.melb@gmail.com

Mixed Nuts Media Inc has received a community grant through the Moonee Valley City Council.