Updated: Sep 3, 2018

Mixed Nuts Media Inc. is working on a new web series called Maniacs.

We have never made a web series before. MNM has made quite a few videos for clients or for ourselves. A web series will be an exciting new step forward. We have a brilliant new mentor; Leesa Carriage, who has been working in video for nearly a decade. She has produced and worked on programs for SKA TV on channel 31, worked on a variety of independent features and shorts, Archives and digitises for Melbourne Media Archive and has her own company Chocolate Scorpion Productions where some of her own projects have been selected for international distribution through various distributors.

Leesa has been instrumental in helping us develop MANIACS- Mental Health News Issues Advocacy Collective Series to be broadcast on You tube as an ongoing program.

At 15 minutes per webisode and consistent monthly releases, MANIACS- Mental Health News Issues Advocacy Collective Series is a program for everyone who has a head and cares about their mental health, or that of their friends and family.

MANIACS will not only give meaning to people with mental health issues by training them in all facets of video production, it will also serve as a one-stop-shop of information from those on all sides of the fence in the mental health sector and act as another way to support all of those people and organisations working to achieve a better life for those affected by mental health issues.

Produced by Mixed Nuts Media Inc, a group of mental health consumers, MANIACS will be a platform for those with, those caring for and those working with and advocating for people with mental health issues and aims to dispel the myths about mental health, to create awareness among the general public, to educate, enlighten, empower and entertain about all things health and welfare and to generate support, both in the sector and the wider community by lifting the lid on a wide range of topics and talking to numerous people in the mental health sector, either working with, caring for, or experiencing mental health issues.

​Although we have most of the camera, lighting and sound equipment needed to produce this show, we would be very grateful for any help to buy some new and updated post production equipment, such as computers and external hard drives.

So far we have over 30 people from all walks of life ready to lend their time to share their stories, knowledge, experiences with the rest of the world and would like to be able to production as soon as possible in the lead up to World Mental health month.

We are not for profit and run entirely by volunteers and would appreciate all support to get this much needed show on-air, so please feel free to click on the link below to donate and share with your networks to help us help you and your mental health.

Mixed Nuts Media has done many great projects since 2012 including filming the author Helen Garner for a fundraiser for a local newspaper, and conducting courses for people with mental illness, in writing, video production and editing, in collaboration with Open Channel.

We make videos with and for many other groups such musical acts, community mental health service providers, arts organisations and video organisations and continue to make more.

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