MANIACS webshow

Topics to discuss on MANIACS


What is a mental illness?

Who gets mental illnesses and how are they diagnosed?


What causes mental illnesses? Different mental illnesses. Biology and mental health. Factors potentially causing or influencing mental health such as inflammation, hormones, environment, substance abuse, trauma, abuse, bullying, stress and genes.


Where to go and what to do if you are experiencing symptoms. Support services, hospitals contact lines and accommodation.  Homelessness and mental health.


Research and treatment. What is and isn't known and what works and doesn't work as treatments. Private versus public treatment.  New developments. The future of mental health. Connection to physical health. How physical health problems or crises can lead to mental illness and how mental  illnesses and medications can lead to physical problems. Psychotherapy, medications and other treatments.


Mental health consumer movements. How to cope with mental health issues yourself and interacting with others. Work and employment and mental health. Particular groups such as Female mental health issues and those of minorities such as LBTI people and immigrants. Stigma and what to do about it. Media and mental illness. 


How to live a meaningful life while having a mental illness. How to improve your mental health as best you can.


People and their lives. People who are or have had a mental illness. Those who have loved ones with a mental illness and carers, workers, mental health professionals. Anyone with questions and perspectives.

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